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Why  Vital Child

The Why is the CHILD!

… And you Deserve the Most VITAL and Effective Solution in Child Welfare!

Vision is what drives the VitalChild Team.

Our idea to create a proven COTS platform for all to share across the child welfare workforce and supporting agencies is now a reality. Our goal was to develop a secure Oracle Cloud powered child-focused CCWIS solution that in real-time can help improve the lives of your children, staff, and supporting agencies. By enhancing your levels of care, placement decisions, and the efficiency and effectiveness of your services and programs, VitalChild can help you make a measurable difference!

Information is the true power behind VitalChild.

With the ability to comprehensively inform families, foster parents and the dedicated staff across your systems of care, VitalChild will help you simultaneously exceed the CCWIS and Family First Act compliance expectations.

The robust high-quality data collection and reporting capabilities of VitalChild empowers an evidence-driven approach to ongoing improvement and providing the highest level of service. If the system is not fed an adequate amount of high-quality data, the recommendations delivered (i.e. predictive analytics) will leave ample room for error putting the agency, staff and children at increased risk. VitalChild analytics are tailored and customized to provide the highest quality of data for decision making toward finding the best outcomes and solutions for children.

Tailored to accommodate each state, county and region’s legislation and processes.

This is managed and enabled through a very adaptive and capable COTS platform that can be configured to your specific needs and policies. In addition, each user profile can be specifically managed to allow only access to the correct functions and areas of the tool. And did we mention Mobile enabled and friendly?  Yes!  It absolutely is!

Affordable is quite often not a word associated with an end-to-end CCWIS solution.

In the past, some states paid upwards of $100 million for a collection of disconnected SACWIS systems offering far less than what VitalChild does today. But with Oracle Cloud CX (COTS) capabilities, so much has changed. And for those who thought they could never afford what Oracle offers, with VitalChild those days are gone. Within months, not years, an affordable SaaS solution based on an annual per youth license can be operational for you.

Leverage the power of our strategic collaborative partnership.

You know of Oracle’s international reputation, and Helix Business Solutions is the most successful Oracle Service Cloud systems integrator in the world today. Together we have launched successful systems for thousands of the biggest names in the public and private sectors. And with our partners at Multi-Dimensional Education Inc. (MDed), experts in child welfare, evidence-driven organizational change and statistical analysis, the VitalChild Team will provide you with much more than new technology. With VitalChild you get solutions, not just software.

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