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All Systems Go for VitalChild

Helix Business Solutions (Helix) and Oracle have strategically partnered with Multi-Dimensional Education, Inc. (MDed) to develop and deliver a new Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) solution designed to modernize Case Management and outcomes monitoring efforts throughout child welfare. Powered by the secure Oracle Government Cloud, VitalChild is enterprise class and provides unlimited scalability and reliability.  The VitalChild solution is designed to help state and county agencies improve care and safety, and pursue CCWIS, Family First Services Prevention Act (FFSPA) and automated annual report compliance (e.g., AFCARS).

Meet the VitalChild Team

The VitalChild Team is comprised of Helix, Oracle and Multi-Dimensional Education Inc. (MDed) utilizing Cloud solutions from Oracle. For this project Helix will serve as the lead vendor and our solution, VitalChild, is powered by Oracle CX applications and features the Multi-Dimensional Youth Assessment 360 (MDYA360) Outcomes Monitoring System.


More than a decade ago, Helix ( was launched with the vision of lifting organizations to a new service delivery standard. Driven by the expectations of a new generation of constituents, agencies must not only acknowledge, but excel in offering choice, channels, accuracy, and consistency. Concepts such as personalization, ease of engagement, transparency, accountability, and knowledge at the point of interaction are at the foundation of today’s needs. To guide departments and organizations through this transformation, Helix has assembled an unrivalled team of specialists who are deeply experienced with the Oracle cloud CX platforms, modern systems, and an implementation methodology built specifically for the Cloud.

As an Oracle Gold Partner, unequivocally, Helix is the most successful Oracle Service Cloud systems integrator in the world today. Helix has many customers on the Oracle CX Platform, they include the State of New York, the State of Ohio, the State of Florida, U.S. Air Force, Veteran’s Administration, and Fortune 50 commercial companies, as well as many other Fortune 100 companies worldwide. Please note, this is the very same platform we have used for helping close to 1,000 companies, agencies and organizations, and is the same platform we built VitalChild upon. Therefore, though similar to many new products being marketed to the child welfare sector for modernizing case management, while VitalChild as a preconfigured platform has not been adopted yet, due to feasibility study efforts being completed by many states currently, the technology platform serving as the foundation for VitalChild has a large footprint of success worldwide.


Today, 430,000 customers in 175 countries use Oracle technologies to seize business opportunities and solve real, tangible challenges. Oracle supports customers on every step of the digital journey, with consulting, financing, support, and training services. Oracle’s complete cloud application suite allows businesses of all sizes to connect their companywide operations anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Modern best practices and data-driven intelligence are built into the applications. Oracle’s complete cloud application suite allows governments and private businesses of all sizes to connect their companywide operations anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Modern best practices and data-driven intelligence are built into the applications.


Throughout the creation of VitalChild, Helix has partnered with Multi-Dimensional Education Inc. (MDed) that was founded in 2008 by experts in child development, evidence-driven organizational change and statistical analysis. MDed has assisted more than 150 challenged school systems, as well as state agencies and national organizations. Extensive personal and professional experience in child welfare and juvenile justice has allowed MDed to be laser focused on applying knowledge and experience to helping those assisting our nation’s most vulnerable youth and families. With more than a decade of experience in directing the research of $19.5 million in federal studies funded by the NSF, U.S. Department of Education and Department of Justice Juvenile Division, MDed holds to the highest ethical practices and standards.

Dr. Michael W. Corrigan, Vice President,
Multi-Dimensional Education Inc.

Corrigan and his associates at MDed have developed the VitalChild’s MDYA360 Outcomes Monitoring System. Mike is a well published psychologist and associate professor/senior lecturer (Marshall University/Ohio State University) specializing in child development, quantitative research and statistical analysis. He has consulted for more than 150 states, school districts, and child focused organizations, as well as directed the investigative efforts for more than $19.5 million in federal research projects funded by National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Education and Department of Juvenile Justice. He also has years of personal and professional experience related to child welfare, foster care and juvenile justice.

Dr. Robert Foltz, Director of Child Welfare,
Multi-Dimensional Education Inc.

Foltz is an Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. He is a licensed clinical psychologist in Illinois and Michigan. With nearly 30 years in the field, Foltz spent more than 18 years working within residential treatment centers for severely troubled youth, initially as a clinician and then in administrative positions. Bob has consulted with a variety of residential treatment centers and state level DCFS advisory boards, and has been a Board member on the Association of Children’s Residential Centers for many years. Throughout this time, Dr. Foltz has maintained a private practice for nearly 20 years.

Dr. Doug Grove, President,
Multi-Dimensional Education Inc.

Grove is an associate provost/professor with an extensive background in Leadership, Research Design, and Methodology. As a respected professor and administrator, Grove has taught courses on assessment, statistics, research design and accountability. Grove is well respected from coast to coast for providing outcome and process evaluation services to local and state education agencies. Dr. Grove’s broad experience in evaluating youth wellbeing includes the management of numerous state and federal grants with Dr. Corrigan, as well as many other local education agency-based initiatives on the West Coast. He has worked as a high school vice principal specializing in at-risk youth, the coordinator of a county office assessment unit, and school board member. Doug is also an internationally respected expert in online education and training, and as a result will serve as the lead in developing the electronically hosted and video driven train-the-trainer efforts.

Lowell Knighton, Vice President, Business Development,
Helix Business Solutions

Knighton is a respected Customer Experience Technologist who served as one of the chief engineers developing VitalChild’s Case Management Solution. Lowell has assisted many states in developing and adopting IT systems to better manage demands related to wide variety of public sector issues and has helped large fortune 100 corporations create solutions to maximize customer experience and organizational efficiency.

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