As the renowned business guru Peter Drucker once shared, “What gets measured, gets managed!”

Why? Because measurement and reporting is essential to keeping an organization focused. And when we collect high quality data, we more safely can use this information to make the best informed decisions possible. To the VitalChild team, there is no other sector this is more important to than child welfare, and providing you with the high quality data essential to your success is our mission.

Let’s face it. With CCWIS and the forthcoming Family First Act, a new era for higher quality data gathering in child welfare has arrived. The days of relying on outdated and disconnected server-based SACWIS systems, designed to stockpile mountains of inaccessible data, are gone. But with VitalChild, there is a solution for your technology needs.

Good News… Bad News

The good news is that with these new accountability demands, the market is abound with mobile-enabled products and SaaS applications to support case management. But buyer beware… aka the Bad news… most of these are somewhat simplistic applications, not comprehensive solutions! Many of these products only provide case workers with a few forms to assess the initial risk and safety of a child. Some might also offer a scheduling module that tracks case worker productivity or collects media in the field. But for most these products, many critical pieces essential to your success are missing.

Also, some are still marketing information systems requiring years and tens of millions of dollars to develop and build out. We must remember that once a solution is adopted and operational, if not designed correctly it can quickly become outdated due to the rapid evolution of technology.

And if we take two to four years to develop a technology solution, the odds of it being outdated upon arrival increase exponentially. With the daily crises your staff encounters, limited budgets and the time frame you have to accomplish what might seem like the impossible, the extra time and money required by these companies are assets most don’t have the luxury to spend.

Make a Measureable Difference with VitalChild!

This is why VitalChild provides you with a comprehensive easy to adopt COTS SaaS solution. The VitalChild team’s child welfare experts and technology professionals have a deep understanding of the Child Welfare processes and a passion for improving the lives of staff and the families you serve. By providing a solution capable of collecting and accessing readily available accurate information, your entire workforce will have the tools needed to select the best intervention or placement and immediately start providing the services essential to saving time and resources.

And with VitalChild built on your State’s preferred Cloud platform, your data is safely protected at all times by being encrypted during transit and while at rest.

In order to help you collect higher quality data, as well as share such technology across agencies and tailor such efforts to your state’s unique needs, we provide the critical pieces essential to your entire workforce’s success via the following modules:

Intake Module

VitalChild’s intake module provides CPS emergency call centers with the ability to natively communicate through phone and grow into other channels including email, text and web form. Connecting concerned citizens and mandatory reporters through their preferred form of communication achieves goals of modernization and enables reporters to provide data in real-time from any location.

Investigation Module

Following intake, cases can be automatically or manually assigned, and notifications are sent to investigators or case workers. The staff investigating the CPS report can then use VitalChild to efficiently and effectively perform risk and safety assessments, and receive Automated Information Driven (AID) recommendations (e.g., operational analytics). Based on personalized analytics, this module helps your staff determine which in-home services are needed or if out-of-home placement is required. Please note, VitalChild can be configured to allow the staff to accept or reject a new case. Rejected cases can be automatically re-routed to administration for immediate notification and reassignment. All features and workflow processes can be custom tailored to your organization’s procedures.

The Multi-Dimensional Youth Assessment 360 (MDYA360) Module

VitalChild sets itself apart from other child welfare management systems with the Multi-Dimensional Youth Assessment 360 (MDYA360), VitalChild’s outcomes monitoring module. The Multi-Dimensional Youth Assessment (MDYA) is the MDYA360’s foundational measurement tool focused on informing and guiding successful outcomes for each youth as well as the facilities and families they call home.

The MDYA helps case workers, staff and clinicians monitor the youths’ overall wellbeing and behavioral risk factors and how well youth are managing their challenges or behaviors, efforts essential to building resiliency. The MDYA360 also tracks and manages Unusual Incidents and can generate reports such as an Integrated Care Passport and Judge’s Planning Guide. These forms and tools were configured to simultaneously collect, inform and monitor essential information needed to keep a pulse on individual youth, and automate your accountability report development.

Case Management Module

The Case Management Module provides child welfare organizations with a more accurate way to assess and monitor children and their experiences. VitalChild enables staff to be more informed and prepared for in-home interactions. With a mobile-friendly case management platform, field staff can have real-time remote access to assessments, forms and action steps to ensure more efficient use of valuable resources. Mobilizing your workforce allows for real-time reports and updates to be received from the field. Submitted information is stored safely in your Cloud platform and immediately available for supervisor review.

Foster Child Placement and Foster Parent Application Module

Agencies also can recruit foster parents, automate applications and manage processing, as well as utilize our foster child placement tool to help ensure timely, accurate and safe placement. With VitalChild’s Foster Child Placement module, your staff can quickly and safely determine the best placement for a youth or collection of siblings. Parent or Kinship applications can occur online through our foster parent portal, and potential caregivers can receive status updates throughout the licensing process. Potential caregivers can access applications online from any device, empowering them to complete licensing steps at their convenience. Intelligent Oracle Policy Automation is utilized to build out the electronic version of your application, enabling accurate data collection, signature capture and documentation uploads. VitalChild can fix communication barriers and improve caregiver retention.

Financial Module

For decades, the Systems Integrators we work with have built financial modules for many county and state-level governments. Given every state’s financial module will need to be personalized to their specifics cloud, rules and processes, we will work with you to quickly build out your financial module to work seamlessly with your legacy systems.

Parent/Guardian Portal

VitalChild’s Parent/Guardian Portal allows the agency to communicate with guardians natively through phone and grow into other modern channels including email, text and web form. VitalChild’s Parent/Guardian Portal provides guardians with a contextual knowledge base built with your organization’s materials. Staff can also ensure that guardians receive important dates and information regarding their case. Transparent communication through all channels can help ensure that court dates, visitation dates and other important information is received by the guardian.

Interdepartmental Portal

Often, youth and families will be on the radar for several years and often cross paths with many agencies and facilities. VitalChild allows your agency to communicate with departments throughout child welfare including foster care, law enforcement, court systems, residential treatment facilities, juvenile justice and more. VitalChild’s interdepartmental portal provides an opportunity to better connect with all entities that assist children and families. Online mobile enabled intake, risk assessment and change of status forms can be made available to law enforcement and others for gathering accurate on-the-scene information. Court systems, treatment centers and facilities, magistrates and more can receive PDF reports of the child’s record giving all agencies a better understanding of each child’s journey.

Trauma and Holistically Informed

The detection and treatment of trauma has come to the forefront in working with children and families. Many agencies are now realizing that efforts misconceiving signs of trauma as symptoms of mental disorders, has led to unsuccessful outcomes and longer duration of services provided. If we want our kids and parents to improve, we must treat trauma first. Such challenges demand a more holistic systems approach to helping youth and their families find better resources to provide better nurturing and learn better decision making skills. Therefore, with the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) studies in mind, the VitalChild system is focused on being trauma informed, strength-based, family-focused, youth guided and still providing ample clinical support when special circumstances demand.

Automated Reporting & Alert Systems

VitalChild is ready to help you continually improve content collection and case discovery to put this evidence and data into action with our automated reporting features. The system, configured to utilize operational and predictive analytics tailored for your state and county regions’ differing needs, is designed to keep all across your workforce informed and one step ahead of the next crisis.


And if your rural areas are lacking the resources needed to fully support their families, the VitalChild team would like to work with you to create a telehealth approach allowing all across the state access to quality care.

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