Giving You a 360° Case Management View Across
Your Youth and Adult Services

Health & Human Services

Children Services & CPS

Foster Care

Juvenile Justice/Law Enforcement

Residential Treatment

Service Providers


one solution

one system

one platform

VitalChild’s Interconnected Modules Simultaneously Streamlines CCWIS and the Family First Prevention Services Act!

Support your entire workforce, not just a fraction of your team such as case managers. From intake to finding forever homes, VitalChild keeps a pulse on every youth, and the facilities and families they call home.

“VitalChild will put us 10 years ahead of the other systems we are seeing.” State Level, Chief Technology Officer


Take a Look at How VitalChild Maximizes Efficiency and Effectiveness Across the Child Welfare Systems of Care and Juvenile Justice!

So Your Agencies Need New Case Management Technology for Efforts Far Beyond Child Welfare & CPS?

The Next Iteration of VitalChild that
Allows You to Monitor Adults as well as Youth!

Adopt One Case Management Solution to Support All of Your Clients

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